Araceli Segarra Photo by Jordi Canyameras


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Araceli Segarra was born in Lleida (Spain)

Alpinist. Children’s book Illustrator. Speaker. Writer. Occasional model. Graduated in Physiotherapy. Organizational Psychology student.

Ms. Segarra began in mountain sports at age15 with an spelunking course, she continued exploring the outdoors through randonee skiing, rock climbing and ice climbing.

In 1996 she became the first Spanish woman to climb Mont Everest. Her ascent was chronicled in the the IMAX documentary EVEREST. On the same expedition, she was a member of the rescue team during the worst disaster in the history of Mount Everest, when 13 people died.

She has since worked in media and communications, publishing a series of illustrated children's books, and delivering motivational conferences around the world. In addition, she has participated in more than 30 climbing expeditions, some of them to open new routes.

Her first book “Not so high, Not so difficult” addressed to the business environment, sport environment and personal growing, has been published in Spanish, Catalan and Italian. More than 25.000 books sold.

Contributor on “Arucitys” TV show for  8TV for the last 3 years.

Her last children's book, "Tina in Montserrat" has been released. You can find in in English!!!

The complete seies of "Tina at the 7 summits" has been traslated to Chines

Professional activity

  • Motivational Speaker for corporations: More than 300 National and international conferences around the world. 
  • Advertising. Spokesperson for advertising campaigns : Danone, CORTEFIEL, Salomon, Whas & go, Evax, Valle de Aosta, DIR, Taurus, Leche el Castillo, Nike…
  • Modeling.  Modeled for various publications: ELLE, Marie Claire, Men’s Journal, VOGUE, AR, Clara, etc…
  • Film production. Assistant producer, assistant camera, or in front of the camera, for numerous documentaries and productions: “7 years in Tibet” with Brad Pitt. “Climate Change”, Discovery Channel. “Women of K2” National Geographic. “EVEREST”"Everest, Conquering thin air" (Premiere 2016) IMAX. “The great climb”, BBC. “Human Hearts on Half Dome”, Serac films.
  • Radio: Three seasons with Xavier Graset in “El món s’acaba” from Catalunya radio in the section “supervivència domèstica”. She directed and presented “La Quinta Forca” for Racc 1. Contributor with Mireia Mallol for Catalunya Cultura in the section “Cultures d’Altura”. Actually on "Mas Morning80" on "la montaña Rusa"
  • TV: “Activate” TVE La2. “Muntanya, mitja hora d’aire pur” 3 seasons, TVE La 2. “Guapíssims” Stil9. "Arucitys" 8TV 3 seasons. "Cosins Germans" TV3 (2015). Hosting "80cm" from TVE (2017)
  • Book author: "Not so high not so difficult"
  • Sports Writing. Contributor for “Siete Leguas” of El Mundo. Section “La Última” from El Mundo Catalunya. The bestseller “Everest, Mountain with out Mercy”, from National Geographic. Oxigeno Magazine. Sport Life Magazine.
  • Blogging. Blogger for Sport Life.
  • Children's Books. Writes and illustrates the series  “Tina’s Journeys’” Currently, 9 books of the series have been published.
  • Graphic illustrator. Creator of the mountain jewelry T-shirts brand “Shirtas”

Climbing Activity

  • 1987: Sima GESM descent -1.070 m. (Malaga).
  • 1990: Mont Kenia, 5.180 m. (Kenya).
  • 1991: Broad Peak, 8.047 m. (Pakistan). reaching 7.100 m.
  • 1992: Xixa-Pangma, 8.008 m. “Swiss-Polish” route (Tibet). Pure alpine style.
  • 1993: Climbing El Capitan, Yosemite, “The Nose” route (USA).
  • - Climbing Half Dome, “The Regular” route in the day (USA).
  • 1994: Climbing the Jorasses, Walker Spur route (France).
  • - Climbing the Dru, “Pilar Bonatti” route (France). 
  • - Climbing the Marmolada, “Vinatzer-Messner” route (Italy).
  • 1995: Climbing the Jorasses, “Linceul” route (France).
  • - Everest North Face, 8.848 m. “Horbein couloir ” route (Tibet) semi-alpine stile. Reaching 7.800 m.
  • 1996: Everest, 8.848 m. "South col" route (Nepal).
  • 1997: Climbing the Dru, “Americana direct” route (France).
  • - Ganesh. 6.796 m. virgin summit (India). Reaching 6.650 m.
  • 1999: Climbing in Mali (Africa).
  • 2000: Randonee skiing traverse (Lebanon)
  • - K2, 8.611 m. North reach (China) Semi- alpine stile. Reaching 7.500 m.
  • 2001: Kangchenjunga, 8.585 m. (Nepal) Semi- alpine stile. Reaching 8.000 m.
  • - Climbing in (Mexico).
  • 2002: Ice climbing in (Canada).
  • - K2, 8.611 m “Cesen” (Pakistan) route Semi- alpine stile. Reaching 7.100 m.
  • - Climbing in Fitz Roy (Patagonia) no summit.
  • 2003: G1, 8.063 m. (Pakistan) Reaching 8.000 m.
  • - Amadablam, 6.812 m. (Nepal)
  • - Pico Orizaba, 5.754 m (Mexico)
  • 2004: Ice climbing the “La Pomme d’Or” route. 400 m, V, 5+ (Canada)
  • - Trango, Nameless Tower (Pakistan). No summit.
  • 2005: Kangchenjunga, 8.585 m. (Nepal) Semi- alpine stile. Reaching 7.500 m.
  • - Climbing in Thagia (Morocco).
  • 2006: Ice climbing the “Bourgeau Left-Hand” route. 185 IV, WI 5 (Canada).
  • - Petit Alpamayo 5.350 m, Huayna Potosí 6.088 m. Sajama 6.542 m (Bolivia).
  • - Climbing in Thagia (Morroco).
  • - Malinche 4.420m (Mexico).
  • 2007: Kayak (Alaska).
  • - Rock climbing in (Scotland).
  • 2008: Rock climbing in Rifle, Mill creek, Maple Canyon (USA).
  • 2009: Rock climbing in Mali, opening a new route (Africa).
  • - Rock climbing in Welcome Spring (USA) reaching 7c+.
  • - Climbing in Sinai. Opening two new routes (Sinai).
  • - Kilimanjaro 5.895 m. (Tanzania).
  • - 1ª Traverse “Carros de Rock” (Pyrenees).
  • 2010 Rock climbing in Kalymnos (Greece).
  • - Climbing in (Bhutan).
  • 2011 Climbing in Oman, “French Pillar” route (1.000 m) in the day.
  • Opening a new route. “Diversion Ahead”, 650m 6b+ (Oman).
  • - Climbing the l’Aiguille Verte, “Late to say I’m Sorry” route. 1000m, V 5+ 5c A2 (France).
  • - Climbing the Gran Capuccin, “Bonatti”route, 400 m ED+, VIII, HD (France).
  • - Climbing the Cerro Standnardt, “Exocet” route, 500 m 6a, WI6 (Patagonia).
  • - Climbing the Inominata, “Angloamericana” route,500m 6c. (Patagonia).
  • 2012 Ice Climbing in Cogne (Italy).
  • - Rock Climbing in Calanques (France).
  • - La Meije (3.973m),  Biju-Duva route, 750m V, 4º (France).
  • - North Face Piz Badile (3.308m), “Another day in Paradise route” 6b (Swiss).
  • 2013 Climbing in, Bistoon. "Gharargah" route (1.200 m) in two days.(Iran)
  • Opening a new route. "Diferents Problems", 650 m, MD, 6b+ (Iran).
  • - Climbing the Goulotte Boivin al Dôme de Neige des Écrins. ED/V 5+ (France)
  • - Ice climbing, “Minus One Gully” VI, 6, Ben Nevis (Scotland)
  • 2014: "Beckey Chouinard" South Houser Tower (Canada)
  • - “Petite MacIntyre”. Grans Jorasses North Face (France)
  • 2015: "Axt-Gross". Les Droites North Face (France)
  • -"Out of Africa". Tsaranoro. (Madagascar)
  • 2016: "Contanouk". Petites Jorasses (France)
  • -"Pilar sur" Stetind (Norway)
  • - Escalada hielo Via:"Altro volto del planeta” II 5+, Argentera (Italy)
  • 2018: Ice climbing in Stubai  & Sottoguda (Tirol)
  • - Rock climbing in Meteora (Grecia), Corcega (França) an Datça (Turquia)
  • - Firts 8a, “Gordax” (Berguedà)
  • - Ranrapalca North Face6.162m (Perú)
  • - 85' route, Esfinge. 5.325m (Perú)
  • 2019: Exploration an openeing neew routes at the Ennedi dessert (Chad)